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About Us

Garagisti ltd was established in 2011 as a race car component designer and manufacturer.

Since its conception Garagisti has continued to expand its product and knowledge base, focusing initially on component design alone it has gone on to deliver race winning suspension geometry and complete bodywork designs.

Garagisti offers product design and manufacturing services for the bespoke automotive and motorsport market place.

We have worked with clients in the specialist and low volume automotive sector and motorsport industry to produce cutting edge body designs and weight saving, high strength component design and manufacture.

These have been backed up with the generation of machined-from-solid-sectioned bucks and prototyping, including the generation of all the machine control code and experienced remote and on-site manufacturing consultancy throughout the process.

Specialist race car and component designers.

We provide engineering and design to motorsport and the automotive industry, using the latest in technology to provide improved performance and cost savings.

Component Design and Manufacture

Garagisti was established to design and manufacture components for a race car series. The chief engineer has a background in the design of mechanical systems and as such we offer the ability to take a product from concept through to manufacture, guiding the client throughout the process.

Garagisti was established to design and manufacture components for a race car series and has an extensive background in the design of mechanical parts/systems.

We have the ability to take your product from concept through to manufacture, consulting and guiding the customer through the whole process.

In recent years our team have successfully developed numerous components for road and track, such as the single plane upright for kitcars, the Honda CBR1000RR electric reverse system, fitted across the field of bike engined cars, laser cut electric reverse gear (modulus and customer configurable) and successful Race Front Rocker - developed to deliver a lightweight stiffened component over the original maximising use of laser cut components.

From concept to design and manufacture.

Garagisti have a track record of designing race winning components, parts and systems. Used throughout both motorsport and automotive sectors.

Bodywork design

Garagisti has always been driven from its initial conception to make the maximum use of Computer aided design. The ultimate being the complete design of a vehicle including the visuals and aesthetics that comprise the bodywork itself.

We are able to develop an entire concept for a car body, iteratively evolving the design alongside our client.

This includes design of new or converting existing chassis and suspension into CAD form, conversion of the bodywork into manufacturable parts and CAM generation of tool paths for CNC Machining of ALL of the components of the vehicle.

We have successfully delivered a race winning car in record time. The LMP inspired aero design was achieved by using CAD and advanced prototyping techniques, from concept to manufacture.

Cutting edge bodywork design and aerodynamics.

Aerodynamic performance is key on road or track, we produce high performance, stylish body design and manufacturing, from concept to road or track.

Suspension geometry

Utilising education, training and years of track experience, Garagisti design racing suspension and components, including complete suspension setups on existing and new car designs. With great success on the track, Garagisti lead the market in specialist design and setup.

Garagisti Founder Lee Baverstock studied Automotive suspension design at Loughborough University as a post graduate.

Add to this 15 years behind the wheel of a race car and numerous seasons providing suspension and setup expertise to race teams and manufacturers, we have built up an in depth knowledge of racing suspension.

We design components, complete suspension systems and provide expert setup and suspension geometry services. Recent success in the field includes the design of a new generation of RGB race and championship winning F car suspension (2 complete seasons of domination) in which Enrique Scalabroni was consulted, again providing his approval for the Garagisti design.

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